Best Distance Driver

Best Distance Driver

Distance drivers are everyone’s favorite type of disc to throw. You get to show off your distance skill as you try to get as close to the basket as possible.

Unlike fairway drivers; you have less control over your accuracy; but an increase in the distance your disc travels.

Here’s a look at some of the best distance drivers out there.​

Best Overstable Distance Driver

It’s no question the Destroyer is the most popular distance driver in disc golf.

​The Destroyer has a slight degree of turn, enabling the incredible glide to stretch your distance on tee pad throws.

Innova Destroyer

Innova Destroyer

  • World’s Most Popular Driver
  • Available in all plastics
  • Headwind Champion

​Different plastic blends have slightly different stability ratings. DX plastic is recommended for beginners.

Innova Champion and GStar plastic helps advanced players get everything out of their Destroyer, while increasing the discs’ life span in your bag.

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